The proposal

Josh popped the question on the 24th April and seriously went beyond anything I could have expected for a proposal. We had discussed the idea of marriage previously and I had floated the idea that he didn't need to propose. I'd suggested instead that when we both knew we wanted to get married then we could just go and buy engagement rings together and let everyone know we had made that decision. But Josh refused, saying that I deserved a story to tell and I'm so glad he did that.

We had gone out to one of our favourite cafes in Newcastle, The Scrumpy Willow and Singing Kettle, for lunch and when Josh asked for our bill that wasn't the only thing we were given. A waitress handed me a piece of paper that had a short rhyme written on it. I looked at Josh and asked why I had a rhyme about the nightclub 'Digital' in my hand and he said we should go there and find out. Now that doesn't sound overly romantic, but we met during our first year at university and had our first kiss on a night out at Digital, so whilst it may not be the classiest of establishments it holds an important memory for us.
On arrival, Josh handed me another note which led us to the restaurant where we had our very first meal together, then onto the market stall at Grainger Market where we always go to buy fabric for our fancy dress costumes (we take themed parties pretty seriously) and then to a student bar, The Hancock. Again, not somewhere stereotypically romantic. The Hancock was where we had our first date and a place we have visited every year on our anniversary for at least one drink since then. At this point I knew what was coming, I mean it wasn't a special occasion so why else the treasure hunt? And the nerves must have started to get to Josh because we both sat making nervous chit-chat and emptying our glasses.

During this time I was trying to work out where we could be heading but being sure it was somewhere on our old university campus as the pub we were in is located right on site. Josh could have chosen anywhere - the room we both graduated in, Newcastle university's beautiful arches, the library, etc. Now, a quick side note, when our friend Natalie had asked me hypothetically where my ideal proposal would take place I had said somewhere on this campus, ideally the room in which we first saw one another. 
Back to the pub, our drinks were finished and Josh handed me the final piece of paper which, you guessed it, led us to the very first room that we set eyes on one another - G.22 in the Newcastle university politics building. Then and there he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. At that moment I had no doubts, this man knows me well enough to know that a seminar room, of all places, is my idea of the perfect proposal without having to ask my friends. Not only that, he spent months planning the whole thing just so if someone asked me how he proposed I had a beautiful story to tell. Seriously, what a guy.

To top all of that wonderfulness off JUST LOOK AT THAT RING! But I'll save more about that for another post...

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