The Alt-Bride

Welcome to The Alt-Bride!

I'm Siobhan and that lovely guy in the photo with me is my fiance, Josh. We got engaged in April '16 and since telling our nearest and dearest the great news, a sentence we have heard an overwhelming amount is this - 'wow, your wedding is going to be different / interesting / quirky'! We've opted for a long engagement, as we want to go travelling before we tie the knot, so originally we hadn't even thought about what our wedding might be like. However, after a few initial discussions on our feelings towards certain traditions (I'll be honest, mainly my feelings) we realised that they were right, it wasn't always going to follow set traditions or expectations. But we both agree that this is not a bad thing, if anything it will make our day all the more special and suited to us as a couple. 

Our close friend Natalie (shoutout to my queen!) has been telling me I should start a blog for longer than I'd like to admit and this seemed like the perfect opportunity! Driving back to Newcastle one day after visiting Josh's family we decided to start planning, but slowly, like REALLY slowly, and wanted to record all of our decisions so we can see if we change our minds about anything and also so that we can keep track of what we have and haven't planned. This blog is going to not only follow the progress of our wedding plans over the next few years but to also discuss why we're opting to ditch certain traditions, people's reactions (and whether they're okay) and the journey in general.

Why not subscribe? It's gonna be a long, but adventurous journey!

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