My parent's wedding

Something me and Josh had spoken about was asking friends and family who are already married about their own wedding days and sharing that on our blog (if they're happy and willing). So I thought I'd get the ball rolling with my own parents.

My parents are the coolest people I know. I never felt lonely growing up as an only child because these guys are two of my best friends and I've always thought of them more like siblings than my parents. They got married when I was 12, although I only found out about the wedding a week or so in advance. These guys rocked the alternative wedding before it was something you could type into google and get thousands of hits. With all of their wedding songs being Metallica, my mum wearing a beautiful green dress and their choice to elope on April fool's day, they really did what they wanted and not what tradition dictates. My parents are really some of my greatest inspiration, they did what suited them best as a couple and I really admire that.

'We had a simple registry office wedding, the shortest version' my mum told me, 'we had been together for 15 years when we got married and although we had previously looked at getting married we cancelled our plans. We got married when we did because we were both ready and in the same mindset at the same time. It felt like the natural thing to do.' My parent's wedding took place on April fool's day and I was the only family member present, you could count the number of us in that room on with your hands. It was small, private and beautiful.

I can still remember the morning of my parent's wedding. Getting ready together at my mum's friend's home, singing along to CDs and generally getting excited about the day ahead. We met up with my dad and a few of his friends at one of the local bars in town and all walked to the registry office together.

The small venue and only having a small and tightknit group of friends there worked perfectly for my parents. When asking my mum about the wedding they had and if she had any ideas of a "dream wedding" prior to the big day she stated 'I never really had a wedding of my dreams in place in my head. I've always been very self-conscious and it would have been too much pressure to have family and extended family there.'

The most important aspect of the short but sweet ceremony for my parents 'was the music we chose and the people we told, which was a very select few.' They wanted, and had, a simple day with the least interference - 'it was about us and you. No one else.' My parents walked down the aisle to 'Nothing else matters' by Metallica and out of the ceremony to 'Whisky in the Jar ' also played by Metallica. Along with ditching traditional wedding songs and instead opting for personal favourites that they felt reflected their relationship, my mum also opted out of the traditional wedding gown and instead wore a knee-length green dress. Although there was a part of her that would have loved to have worn the big dress, it didn't fit with the day itself.

I asked each of my parents their favourite aspect(s) of their wedding day. My dad said he loved walking out of the registration office with me by his side, the walk to the venue and the relief and realisation that they were a married couple. My mum had a similar response saying that her favourite part of the day was that they had done it - 'I felt a lot of emotion about now being a stronger unit, even though we have always been the three amigos. I felt special and very loved. Keeping it simple meant it was more about us as a family unit.'

For many people not having all of their family at their wedding, not having the big ceremony, not having a big white gown or a bouquet, not having a large reception after the wedding, would simply not be an option. I asked my parents if they would have changed anything about their wedding looking back and they said this - 'NO. It was right for us. Family interference would have stopped it being a special time for us. We loved the simplicity our wedding had.'

Due to the small ceremony and not having too many expenses my parents biggest costs for the day were the bar bill and their honeymoon away to Egypt (which I tagged along for). Now I don't know about you, but the biggest expense being a night out with close friends and then a few weeks away sounds like a great thing to have spent money on to me.

The last thing I asked my parents was if they had any advice that they wished to pass on to me and Josh and they said everything I could have hoped to hear. 'Do what you want, don't do it for anyone else or change it to please anyone. This is about you two and your life together'.

Cheers mum and dad for being the coolest guys I know!

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