Nobody likes you when you're 23: getting engaged young

Pretty much the only photo I took at my birthday party.

I turned 23 just over a month ago and it got me thinking about age and engagement. Only one generation ago, the median age for a woman to first get married was 22 (my age when we got engaged) and marrying in your early twenties was the norm. But now many view getting engaged or married in your early twenties as risky or naive. This may sound like a generalisation and honestly, the vast majority of people we told we were engaged were extremely happy and excited for us. However, I did have a few negative experiences when telling people the news. The most common negative response being as follows -' old are you again? you're quite young aren't you?'. This isn't the worst response in the world, don't get me wrong, but it still feels pretty shitty when you're telling someone something you're over the moon about and they seem concerned as opposed to happy. I even found myself responding with how many years me and Josh have been together, how many years we have lived together, etc when really I shouldn't have to defend our choices at all (even though I undoubtably will in this blog post).

I won't pretend I've never seen an engagement spring up on social media and questioned whether the marriage will work out. For some reason, engagements surprise many of us more than pregnancy announcements. So why do we have these views and worries? And why do we feel that it is okay to judge people for their decision to agree to commitment at a young age? I thought I'd look into common views around marrying young and discuss them in this blog post.

Our first holiday together

Last month Josh and I travelled to Barcelona, renting our own little flat for 6 nights. Seems like a short break away, right? For us, no. This was literally the longest amount of time we have ever spent just the two of us.The whole experience was wonderful and has gotten us both really excited to be moving into our own place next month.