Our first holiday together

Last month Josh and I travelled to Barcelona, renting our own little flat for 6 nights. Seems like a short break away, right? For us, no. This was literally the longest amount of time we have ever spent just the two of us.The whole experience was wonderful and has gotten us both really excited to be moving into our own place next month.

How have we never spent more than a few days alone? Well... 
Whilst we have been away together before, these have been weekend breaks within Britain, typically a one night stay due to us not having the money or time to travel (last year we each graduated from our second degrees, we've been pretty busy!) Also, we have lived together for three years now, but always in house shares with friends meaning there's usually someone in. We both love this arrangement as there's nothing better than coming home and realising Nat's bought you a treat (cheers for all the fizzy fangs this year Nat, you're a star), but as we're coming up to our 5 year anniversary we've decided it's time we get our own place. And finally, when we do usually go away for more than a weekend it's either to visit family (and stay with them) or to go on holidays away with our families.

None of this has ever been a worry for us as we're a sociable couple and love being around others, we only really realised that it would be the longest amount of time we'd spent together when someone at work commented that 'first trips abroad can make or break relationships, because it's just the two of you...all day'. 
For us, it's safe to say Barcelona has made us happier and stronger. We have common interests (you'd hope so since we met studying the same subject) so spent pretty much every day walking 18-22km seeing as many sights as possible and spent the evenings at bars or on our balcony drinking beer and sangria. Having our own little flat was wonderful and the trip has prepared us for the next chapter in our lives. I'm actually going out flat hunting today! So who knows, we might have a new home soon.

I wanted to share with you a few photos from our trip, Barcelona is beautiful and has so much to offer. If you go be sure to try out Barcelona Free Walking Tours , they're amazing and taught us so much about the city.

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