The Alt-Groom: Feminism

Today I wanted to write about Siobhan's engagement with, and exploration of, feminism at university and how this has had a large impact on my own world view and sense of identity. However, before I talk more about this I want to first reflect on my perspective and memories prior to meeting Siobhan. I think that sometimes as adults we forget that children can have a keen insight into, and are affected by, the world around them (something that as a primary school teacher I am constantly trying to keep in mind). One of my earlier memories that I can relate to gender is of myself at 7 years old, feeling happy that I was a boy because we seemed to be in charge of everything. This selfish, but sadly honest, assessment of my social standing serves as a stark reflection of the world that I had seen around me in the short time that I had been around to witness it.

Wedding traditions: New and Old

Weddings are full of all kinds of traditions - the white dress, the bride's father walking her down the aisle, the veil, throwing the bouquet, the list goes on! Today many couples, us included, are opting to pick and choose the traditions they participate in, in order to create weddings more representative of themselves as a partnership.

This new series of posts will discuss a variety of traditions that more and more people are opting to incorporate into their weddings. Whilst we won't necessarily be choosing to do all of these things it's always good to have food for thought! We have already written about one new tradition that felt important to us, have you read our post about both deciding to wear engagement rings? Find it here.

Been to a wedding recently that was a little different? Let me know all about any old or new traditions you hadn't come across before and what you thought in the comments below! I'd love to know :)

A New Addition: Lifestyle, Beauty and Fashion

As I'm sure you already know, we started this blog as our own way of tracking our wedding plans to see if any of our attitudes changed over time and to share the journey with anyone who wants to come along for the ride. The only thing we hadn't really considered was much wedding planning is there when the wedding is around 5 years away and you don't yet have a budget in mind? The answer - not loads. Whilst we have plenty to discuss and a lot of ideas to share it seems to make sense to use this blog as an outlet for other writing ventures as well. Time flies and a lot is going to happen before we tie the knot, so why not share those stories as well?

For anyone who knows me it will come as no surprise that I have decided to updated our webpage to now include a 'Lifestyle' section where I can share beauty, fashion and travelling stories. I'm a sucker when it come to beauty products and 'treating myself' so there will be plenty to share in that department! Never fear, I'll still be writing lifestyle/beauty/fashion posts that include wedding ideas! I mean we all need the perfect highlighter for that big day ;)

10 quirky wedding favour ideas that we love!

Are wedding favours an essential? No, but if you have the money within your budget or the time to DIY then they are a great way of providing your guests with a small token of your appreciation.

Though I haven't attended many weddings myself, I have received the traditional favour of five sugared almonds. Five sugared almonds have been traditionally handed out for many years and symbolise health, wealth, happiness, fertility and long life.

With more couples opting to personalise more aspects of their wedding, wedding favours now can be almost anything to take in account your personalities (and of course your budget)! Below are some of our favourite wedding favour ideas.