10 quirky wedding favour ideas that we love!

Are wedding favours an essential? No, but if you have the money within your budget or the time to DIY then they are a great way of providing your guests with a small token of your appreciation.

Though I haven't attended many weddings myself, I have received the traditional favour of five sugared almonds. Five sugared almonds have been traditionally handed out for many years and symbolise health, wealth, happiness, fertility and long life.

With more couples opting to personalise more aspects of their wedding, wedding favours now can be almost anything to take in account your personalities (and of course your budget)! Below are some of our favourite wedding favour ideas.

1. Seeds
Giving your wedding guests seeds provides a great way for them to remember the day, when they plant the seeds and watch them grow they'll be reminded of your big day. If your wedding is nature inspired then seeds are also the perfect gift to reflect the day. Along with this, flowers are always beautiful to have around the house!

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2. Personalised Vinyls
If music is your passion then why not provide your guests with some of your favourite tracks on a vinyl that they can keep forever?

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3. Lottery Tickets
Lottery tickets, or even scratch cards, are a great and fun gift to give your guests. Who knows, someone might hit the jackpot! (Drinks are on them, yeah?)

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4. Coffee 
Whilst Josh definitely isn't a fan of coffee, I most certainly am! I couldn't help but think how adorable these coffee bags are (and how they'd help your post-wedding hangover too).

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5. Succulents
We love succulents and have them throughout our home, so if we were gifted these we'd be thrilled! Plus, if you're on a budget then why not take the time to grow your own and save a bit of cash?

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Image taken from Bespoke-Bride

6. Temporary Tattoos
With tattoos becoming more and more popular and also accepted within our society, odds are quite a few of your guests will already have tattoos and maybe even the bride/groom with be rocking tattoos on the day (holla to all my tattooed ladies).
So why not celebrate this and treat your guests to some free / pain-free tattoos on the day?

Get your own personalised temporary tattoos here. Find out more about creating your own temporary tattoo stand over on Bespoke-Bride.

7. A Charitable Donation 
If you have a cause that is dear to your heart then you can always opt to make charitable donations on behalf of your guests and let them know you have done this as an alternative wedding favour. Some charities will even send you badges, seeds, etc to hand out to your guests.

8. Homemade Infused Oils
How adorable are these homemade infused olive oils? Bulk buy some bottles and infuse your oils with whatever you desire (e.g. basil, rosemary, chilli, etc.)

9. A Little Bag of Happiness
The little bag of happiness is a lovely way of passing happiness on to those around you! A lovely little reminder to keep smiling :)

Get yours here or even make your own!

10. Personalised Fortune Cookies
Personalised fortune cookies are an adorable way of thanking your guests in a different and interactive way. Not only this, but you can choose your own fabric to reflect your wedding theme!

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