Sleek Cleopatra’s Kiss Highlighting Palette Review & Swatches

Now it's no secret that Sleek makeup produce some pretty kick-ass highlighters, their Solstice palette is still raved about (and rightly so)! So, when their newest highlighting palette hit the shelves I knew I had to have it! Whilst the Solstice palette provides an array of beautiful pastel shades, the Cleopatra's kiss palette instead holds 4 stunning shades of gold.

Wedding Traditions: Handfasting

Photo credit: One Oak Photo

Whilst handfasting is definitely not a new wedding tradition it is one that I was unaware of until recently. More and more in both wedding magazines and wedding blogs I see posts being shared about couples opting for this type of ceremony. As I knew nothing much about the concept (apart from that scene in Braveheart) I thought it would be a great place to start our series of posts about 'Wedding Traditions: Old and New'!

Vegan / Cruelty-free beauty Christmas wishlist

Christmas is just around the corner and at this time if year I can't help but lust after beauty products more than usual (if that's possible). Ever since I can remember I have always asked for make-up products as Christmas gifts or used any Christmas pennies I've receive to treat my self to whatever has been catching my eye recently. All of the products listed below are both vegan and cruelty-free, if you find out otherwise please let me know as I myself am vegan and don't want to be use products on my face that aren't!

Postcards from Reykjavik, Iceland

Recently me and some of the gal pals went gallivanting around Reykjavik, Iceland and it was beautiful, completely unlike anything else we had ever seen before. If you've never been I'd strongly recommended adding Iceland to your bucket list of places to go! In today's post I thought I'd share some of the sights we went to see and a few tips we picked up along the way.

November Goals

Happy November everyone! Where has this year disappeared to? I've decided to try and write a 'goals' post at the start of each month to keep me on track with not only my blog, but my day-to-day life. I had the idea after reading Jodie Melissa's post about her own November goals.

My October was a little bit all over the place. I started the month with an amazing trip to Iceland with three of my close friends from high school, but I ended the month having to take quite a lot of time of work due to illness. I'm starting to feel more like myself again, slowly but surely and a few of my goals will aim to ensure that the only way is up!