Cheers to 5 years!

First of all, my December goal to not feel guilty if I didn't get chance to write as many blog posts as I would like went a little too well. 6/7 weeks later and here we are! I still don't intend to put myself down if I don't get around to writing everything I wanted or intended to. However, I would like to try and be a little more consistent. Anyway, on to the good stuff...

This week Josh and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary! It is crazy to think how much has happened in that space of time and I thought now would be the perfect moment to share some of my favourite photos and memories of our relationship so far (a quick heads up, there's a lot of fancy dress photos). I think you'll all agree, we've blossomed since we first met!

I've scoured through social media and my camera in search of some of our finest moments. It was such a joy to look through old photos and remember just a few of the long list of experiences that we have shared. I hope you enjoy (and laugh at) these images even just a fraction of the amount I did.

The first photo of us ever taken.

Josh and I met at Newcastle university in 2011. We were both studying History and Politics and therefore shared many lectures, seminars and nights out. A matter of months after meeting we were a couple and the rest is history.

Tommy and Chuckie costumes for a first-year history-social.

As you will come to see throughout this rollercoaster ride of memories Josh and I LOVE fancy dress. Seriously, any opportunity to spend a stupid amount of time stitching individual feathers onto a costume, painting shells or stitching faux leather to be reminiscent of armor we will jump on it!

One of many nights out as freshers.

Our appearance in World Headquarter's halloween 2013 video.

Greek mythology birthday party. (L-R: Medusa, Zeus, Minotaur / Daisy the cow) 

Hangover day out after my 20th birthday / that day Josh really looked like a French exchange student.

During a trip away to Berlin with my parents we popped off to the zoo.

One of both of our favourite photos, taken by Josh's lovely sister. Who needs a sunny beach abroad when you can experience this just outside of Newcastle?

Halloween 2014

 One of the Movember events we hosted to raise money for prostate cancer during our third year of university.

Graduation day!

Ynot festival. We both adore musical festivals and really want to incorporate the camping vibe into our wedding.

 3 year anniversary trip away to Glasgow.

One of our close friends took this photo during our walk home after a night out. We both love this image, especially as we didn't realise it was being taken.

We both love nature and going out for long walks (weather permitting), this is from our trip to Hareshaw Linn.

St. Patrick's day is up there with fancy dress when it comes to things that we take seriously as a couple. (No jokes, I've already put in holiday at work for this year).

My MA graduation. I couldn't have asked for a more supportive friend throughout this hectic year of my life! Josh, never let anyone tell you that you aren't a good egg.

Josh's sister, Jess's, friends themed birthday extravaganza. Could we have had any more fun? (say that last bit in Chandler's voice, yeah?)

A trip away to see some of our wonderful friends in their new home! Sesh teams unite.

Our engagement! If you haven't read our proposal story, do it! I dare ya!

 Our first holiday away together in Barcelona. Can I go back now, please?

Merry Christmas! Crimbo 2016.

 That's the story so far, cheers to many more years! 

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